Plastiliq Image Resizer – User Guide


Plastiliq ImageResizer is your effective tool for resizing and converting images of most popular formats.

How do I use ImageResizer?

It's simple.
  1. Select images.
  2. Specify and configure the appropriate Mode.
  3. Specify the format for converted images.
  4. Specify the folder for converted images.
  5. Click Resize.


1. Uploading images

You can select images by clicking on "Add images" or "Add folder" from the main toolbar. Or you can simply drag images / folders into the ImageList or double-click on the empty ImageList.

2. Mode selection

Width & Height

Specify the desired width and height of the image in pixels. Use this mode when you know exactly the size of images you want.

Width (Keep proportions)

Specify the desired width of the image, and the program will automatically adjust the height according to the aspect ratio.

Height (Keep proportions)

Specify the desired height of the image, and the program will automatically adjust the width according to the aspect ratio.

Fit (Keep proportions)

The image will be adjusted to fit the specified area while preserving image proportions. This Mode can be used to create thumbnails.


Specify the desired width and height in percentage of the original size. Use this mode only for converting images by entering 100 in both fields.

Desktop & Desktop (Keep proportions)

The image will be stretched to the size of your desktop. Use mode Desktop (Keep proportions) if you want to preserve image proportions (the background will be painted black).

3. Image file format

Click on the dropdown list and select your desired format (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF). If you prefer to keep the original file format, select "As original".

4. Destination folder

Destination folder is a folder where you save converted images. To select a destination folder, click on the icon to the left of the Destination field, or drag the folder icon into the Destination field or double-click on the empty Destination field.

5. Resize

To start processing your images, click Resize on the main toolbar. The progress window will show the preview of the image which is being processed. The status information for each image is updated as soon as resizing is complete allowing you to monitor the progress. Once all images are processed you can review them in the Destination folder.

Tips & tricks. Shortcuts.

Image list.
Contains all uploaded images. Right click on the image to bring up the context menu that allows you to delete the image from the list, open a folder or show / hide columns in the table.
The "Status" column shows the result of the last image processing.
Mouse over the image to view more information on the original image.